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Friday, February 8, 2013

The Burr Ridge Jingle Mingle Parade

The high schoolers got to decorate a float and also participate at the Burr Ridge Jingle Mingle parade. It was loads of fun, and you can see it too!

SEA Christmas Parade 2012 from Soaring Eagle Academy on Vimeo.

High School Vocational Christmas Festivities

One high schooler's account of his vocational holiday activities:

What I Did For The Sale

1.   Wreaths

2.   Ornaments

3.   I put the items into the bags. I was the bagger.     


The Christmas Sale

Long lines were abundant, lots of money was spent on ornaments and wreaths. Very good people attended. With the money I earned from the sale I want to get a smothered bacon and beef sandwich from Burger king. I want lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and onions. I also want a strawberry milkshake.



In food group this winter we made pizza. First, we cut open the muffins. Second we spread the pizza sauce. Third we sprinkled cheese. Fourth we put on toppings. But I like just cheese! Next we put the pizzas in the oven. Finally, when the timer went off the pizzas were all done.


The Christmas Sale

The Christmas sale was on December 21, 2012 the same day as the Christmas show. Mostly families came to the sale and the others are Ta’s and students. We’ve made wreaths, ornaments, and picture frames for the Christmas sale. With the money I earned from the sale I want to allow the students have enough money to go to the 2013 SEA Gala.


The parade “La Desfile”

The parade was on November 17, 2012. Lots of families came and of course students came too. Before the parade, we’ve decided to make red and green paper chains because they were Christmas colors. We’ve also decorated the paper chains by using stapler, tape, and scissors. In the truck, we put red ribbons, and an eagle on the top because we’re from Soaring Eagle Academy.